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Black Socks Mystery

Posted by on Sep 22, 2011

It all began pretty innocently, and of all places, it started in my children’s weekly school newsletter.  In the first newsletter of the year, there was a blip about a new uniform policy, a blurb if you will, with no explanation, that simply read:

Students may now wear black socks.
They must be solid with no emblem.

Huh?  Black socks.  But, their uniforms are green and navy plaid with white or hunter green shirts and white socks.  BLACK SOCKS?  Why?  How did that even come up as an option?

The last uniform policy directive from on high came the day before school: No feathers in hair.  So my radar went up.  Way up.  If black socks are making it into the school newsletter, that means they are on par with popular feathers.  Somebody is wearing them and wearing them with pride.

Then I watched the US Open.  
There they were again.  Black socks.  On men and women.  Tall, short, strange.  Not bad, but not real “tennis-y.”

This is Bethanie. This is not attractive.

The Man in Black, Roger Federer.

So gang, it appears that we have another mystery to solve.  Are black socks in style?  Or better yet, let’s formulate the question this way:  Why are black socks in style?

They pop up all over the fashion houses, again, being shown stylishly with (sit down for this part), open-toed pumps or sandals.  I know.  I lost my breath too.

Burberry? In 2008? I guess this trend moves slow to the States.

Even Louis Vuitton showed black socks.  For CURRENT FASHION.  What a way to ruin a good looking bag.

Trying to understand why you ruin a beautiful dress, a beautiful shoe, a beautiful bag and a great looking cappucino with a pair of black anklets.

This Louis Vuitton coat is so so fine. The textured socks would be adorable as tights, but the sport bands on the top kill it.

Leighton Meester was wearing them at Fashion Week.  Who is Leighton Meester again?  Anyway, she could take those off and stuff them in her huge duffel bag purse.  Is she spending the night at the show?  Lots of questions here.

I think she's just showing off because it's fashion week.

Vanessa Hudgens wears them too.  But, I think she can claim temporary insanity after breaking up with Zac from High School Musical and cutting off all that magical hair.  Let’s just say she’s working through some grieving issues.

On the red carpet! Why? Why? Why?

How beautiful is this skirt? With socks, and striped socks no less....hmph.

Do these girls have a tendency to blister?  Are they not getting regular pedicures and are just trying to cover up their toesies?  I guess you could contend that a black sock is better than a french pedicure.  Maybe it is the lesser of two evils.

But here is the coup de grace.  SURI CRUISE WEARS BLACK SOCKS. 

Just a quick jaunt around NYC with my black socks. Too bad Katie ruined her beautiful Louboutins with a pair of argyle socks.

When I think of black socks, I think of my old neighbor, (and I mean old, so he won’t be reading about this on the world wide webs and busting me) mowing his grass in his shorts, black dress socks and big ol’ sneakers.  Totally awesome.  

This is the predominant picture in my mind when I hear "black socks with open toed shoes"

This is up there with the headband mystery.  I’m all for the knee socks look, when you are in grade school, perhaps high school, it can be cute.  Fun. 

But this trend lives on the more juvenile side of the spectrum.

Avril Lavigne, not so cute.

On a little girl, cute.

 Readers, weigh in with your comments.  I would love to get an answer on this mystery trend.  Would you wear black socks?  Would you dress your daughter in black socks?

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