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Olympic Games: A Wrap-Up

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012

I have already admitted that I was 100% addicted to the Olympics. I have never watched so much television in my life. I loved every sport, every minute of the coverage and all of the personal stories of the athletes and the athlete’s parents. (Nice touch NBC!) 

I would be remiss if I did not notice the fashion or trends in these games. How could you miss them? There were just so many. Here are a few of my favorite trends and categories. 


All Japanese Athletes

I contend that Japan brought a team of hair stylists and aestheticians with them to the Olympics. I have never seen such coifs in my life. Coifs that could withstand Olympic-level running, jumping and twirling. Snaps on the effort, but some of them seemed a little bit much.

japanese soccer team Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Japanese Soccer Team: A Brigade of Headbands and Highlights. Image courtesy of


kohei uchimura gymnast japan Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

You may mock his hair, but look who’s holding the gold medal with Bieber bangs. Image courtesy of


saori yoshida wrestling woman Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

This is Saori Yoshida, a wrestler. And, a woman.  Image courtesy of


bangs japanese Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Bucking the superfluous barrette trend in gymnastics, Japanese gymnast Rie Tanaka sports fashionable full bangs. Image courtesy of



Love both of these braids with patriotic colors woven into them. 

Venus hair Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Venus Williams brings the braids. Image courtesy of


isabelle yacoubou 620x420 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Basketball player Isabelle Yacoubou of France is red, white and blue, as well. Image courtesy of International Business Times.


Decorative Head Shaving

israel shahar zubari 620x413 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Israeli Shahar Zubari, with a flag shaved on the side of his head. Image courtesy of International Business Times.


nilla fischer sweden 620x421 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Look closely at Swedish soccer player Nilla Fischer. That’s a little ponytail on the top of her head. Image courtesy of


back nilla Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Well, that explains the ponytail. She has a completely shaved head, except for that little sprout. Image courtesy of



This post started with the question, why so many barrettes? Why the half-ponytail? Why the hair glitter? And, again, why so many barrettes? So, gymnasts have a category all to themselves here.

Why so many barrettes? Wouldn’t a headband be easier? Refer to Japanese soccer team picture for headband procedure.

China gym hair Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Chinese gymnast has 8 barrettes and a bun. Seriously. Image courtesy of


Why half-ponytails?  Whatever happened to a nice bun? Or a nice ponytail, left long. Must be a good luck charm.

messy ponytails 620x411 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

US Team and the half-ponytail team. Image courtesy


 Last but not least, why all the glitter? Hair, face, body and eyes have all been doused in fairy dust. Can you imagine what their pillowcases must look like at night? My daughters LOVED this look and I’m hiding all the glitter in the house now.


aliya bosco russia glitter 620x773 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Aliya Bosco, Russian gymnast, brings the glitter on. Everywhere. Image courtesy of



I love a good manicure. And I really love a good, PATRIOTIC manicure. Either these teams brought their own nail artists, or somebody smuggled an airbrush pen, UV lights and gallons of OPI on their flights over to London. I smell a professional job on all these, though.

union jack nail naomi folkard Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Archer Naomi Folkard sports Union Jack nails. Image courtesy


franklin nails 620x413 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Missy Franklin with her patriotic nails. Could she be any cuter? Image courtesy of


olympic manicure sports yahoo 620x372 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

An Olympic manicure. Image courtesy of Sports Yahoo.


lithuania ruta meilutyte english sina Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Guess the country? It’s Lithuanian swimmer Ruta Meilutyte. Image courtesy of



All this tape makes me wonder… Are these athletes really using it for therapeutic reasons, or is it just cool body art?


Kinesiology Tape Sprinting Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Union Jack tape. Image courtesy of Yves Herman/Reuters.


more olympic tape Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Kerri Walsh and her ever-present kinseo tape. Image courtesy of CBS News.


kineseo tape art 620x487 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

German volleyball players are very artistic. Image courtesy of UK Daily Mail.



Did you get the feeling that so many of the female athletes knew they were going to have close-ups on TV? More than just TV, HDTV, which shows every nook and cranny. These ladies were ready to go, with full foundation, eye makeup, all of it. They looked like they could go anchor the NBC Nightly News after their competition, some of them were so perfectly made up. Well played ladies, well played.

richards ross olympics win 2 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Sanya Richards-Ross sets the bar high. Perfect hair, worn down with a braid and curls. Perfect makeup. Chanel earrings. She is ready for the platform. Image courtesy of


georgeanne moline Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Georgeanne Moline has the smoky eye and defined eyebrows along with perfect matte face. Image courtesy


mckayla maroney silver womens vault finals 2012 620x419 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

McKayla Maroney in perfect makeup and smokey eye. Image courtesy of



Last but not least. After the first week of staring at Ryan Lochte, I heard a nasty rumor that he has a diamond grill. Well, it’s true.  True, and possibly devastating to me.

073012 ryan lochte grill 300 Olympic Games: A Wrap Up

Oh my, Ryan. Oh my. Image courtesy of

So sad to see the Olympics go. Guess I’m going to have to catch up on my reading and writing, now that there is nothing to watch on television anymore.