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Rompers and Jumpsuits

Posted by on Aug 2, 2012

Rompers and jumpsuits. Jumpsuits and rompers. What am I going to do with you?  You are a tricky trend.

A quick explanation.  Jumpsuits are pants. 

Rompers are shorts. 



The common thread is that they are all one piece. A onesie for adults, if you will.

There are plenty of cute rompers and jumpsuits out there, from the inexpensive to the expensive, and every designer and store has touched this trend.

(Click on any pictures for purchase information).


Three Dots Cowl Neck Jersey Romper, $120.


Shoshanna Romper available at Blink Boutique.


Michael Stars Romper, $88.


Here’s my big reservation:  functionality.

This is why:
(Names omitted to protect the innocent)
Friend buys expensive silk jumpsuit to wear at Derby.  

Beautiful silk romper similar to this worn to Derby. This is Tracy Reese, $495.

Friend attends Derby in an infield suite with one bathroom for all people in the suite. By day’s end, common bathroom is “untidy” especially the floor, which is wet and smarmy. In order to use the restroom, friend has to come to a state of complete undress, and her jumpsuit slides to the floor, thereby getting smarm on it. So friend is forced to take off jumpsuit completely and hold it in her hand, all while doing the delicate balancing act of hovering over a toilet.  

At least she was successful in keeping the fascinator on her head.

This story scarred me. How do you go to the bathroom wearing this getup? You can’t let your outfit fall to the floor. I’m just not that coordinated, people.

 But, functionality is really not my only obstacle. My other obstacles are my age and my body type.

I’ve tried on many a romper. I have. The first thing I say is, I look like I raided my daughter’s closet.  

Hard Tail Strapless Romper, $105.

The next thing I notice is I can never get the waistband to hit me at the right place.   

Vince Camuto Spaced Tiles Strapless Romper. On sale for $77.90.

This trend just does not work on me.

That is not to say it does not work on others, because it definitely does.  

Gypsy 05 Jumpsuit, $295.

My only words of advice, to quote stylist Andre Wilson: “Fashion is not always YOUR style.”

DVF Ebuca Print Silk Romper.

Do you dare to give them a go? I say go with your gut. Or waistband, for that matter.