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SB FINDS Louisville: June

Posted by on Jun 4, 2012

June StyleBlueprint Finds are out…enjoy!  We have found a great book, great accessories and great things for your home to kick off summer.

 The Cornbread Mafia by James Higdon

No, I’m not reading 50 Shades of Gray, because I’m in too deep in this book to care about it. This is a great non-fiction novel by a former Courier Journal writer, James Higdon, about the largest homegrown marijuana syndicate in American history, also known as “The Cornbread Mafia.” All set in the Cradle of Catholicism down in Marion County, many many of the names involved are kin to people I know now. The cover alone should make you want to read it. Available locally at Carmichael’s Bookstore or by clicking here.


Salt and Pepper Shakers from Cartwheels

Salt and pepper shakers at Cartwheels. Image by Adele Reding Studio.

When we were doing our photoshoot for our FACES of Louisville article at Cartwheels, Adele Reding (my esteemed photographer) and I loved all of these adorable Salt & Pepper Shakers.  It would be hard to pick just one set. Prices vary, available at Cartwheels.


Pre-portioned treats!

Pre-portioned Justin's Almond Butter and Bob & Stacy's Margaritas are a great way to pack for a picnic!

The StyleBlueprint Nashville girls turned me onto these and they are oh-so-right!

Bob & Stacy’s Premium Margaritas…premixed, juice-box style!

We found out at Steeplechase just how great these are. Consider this a fun way to bring the party anywhere during this season of socializing. Open and pour over ice OR keep cold, open and add a straw. They taste good…really! A squeeze of fresh lime is an added finishing touch like. Available at area liquor stores.

Justin’s Maple Peanut Butter

Did you see StyleBlueprint Nashville’s post last week about the Ultimate PB&J Sandwich? Well, what was left out– until today –is that you can buy prepackaged, 2 tablespoon containers of the maple almond butter. YUM. The portion-sized packaging allows you to enjoy without overindulging. But, we think the real treat is including them with the margarita juice boxes for the start of your picnic family meal!


 Vintage Louisville Postcards

Package of 15 vintage Louisville postcards

When we come across something like this we absolutely think crafts. Well, yes, they are perfect for postcards, duh. But, how about making each into a Christmas ornament? Coasters? The ETSY seller even suggests making a fun guest book for a wedding. Anyway you look at it, this collection is $13.50 well spent. To see on ETSY, click here.


Long-wear creme eyeshadow in Malted by Bobbi Brown


Suffer from greasy eyelids? Does your eye makeup run off by the afternoon?  This eyeshadow acts as a primer and a shadow in one.   My eye makeup stays on all day with this, promise.  This color is a perfect neutral and you can wear it by itself or with other shadow layered on top.  Though not pictured here, you need to buy the brush that goes with this.   Available at department stores for about $24 or by clicking here.


Kobo Pure Soy Candles


These Kobo Pure Soy Candles have a dual purpose.  Light the candle for a great natural plant scent.  Then take the box it came in and plant it.  Yes, plant it!  There are seeds embedded in the box.  When planted and watered, the box will grow into the plant scent you bought.  Talk about an eco-friendly package.  Available locally at Scout.


Menu and Hours APP

Have you heard about this cool app that lists menus and hours for local Louisville restaurants? It was the brainstorm of the Consuming Louisville food blog (click here) and we love it.


Needlepoint Ottoman Pouf

Who doesn't love a pouf?

I think I pick these poufs because I just like saying the word so much. This pouf, at Scout, is needle-pointed in chocolate brown and white and is simply beautiful.  It retails for $305.


Enamel Bracelets


I love these bracelets because they are a great alternative to introducing a pattern not on your purse or shoes.  And, at $15 each, might as well be introducing a new pattern everyday.  Available locally at Scout.


Beaded Belt

This beaded belt, available at Gifthorse, has turquoise beads over a large elastic band.  It would look great belted over a maxi-dress or your summer skirt.  It retails for $24 and comes in other colors as well.


Mason Jar Dispensers


Another cute thing to use a mason jar for-a dispenser.  I think this would be a great dispenser for dish detergent or hand soap.  Or, even condiments?  Available at Gifthorse for $30 each.


FURemover Pet Hair Brush

Amy, from StyleBlueprint Nashville says: “This time of year, our yellow lab sheds like crazy getting rid of her winter coat. Keeping the flying fur under control this spring was nearly impossible. Happily, I’ve discovered two things: teenaged children are, in fact, capable of operating a vacuum (with enough goading), AND the FURemover Pet Hair Brush makes easy work of removing fur from upholstered furniture and clothing.” $6.99 from The Container Store.


Mashburn Popover Shirt

Ann Mashburn tailored shirt

This FIND comes from StyleBlueprint Atlanta: I have heard from so many women –of every shape and size– that Ann Mashburn makes the best tailored shirt. This Popover Shirt has a narrow cut (they recommend ordering up a size) and hits right at the hip. $175. Ann Mashburn has a fabulous selection of summer colors right now.


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