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We Wear Short Shorts

Posted by on Jul 26, 2012

Remember this one? “Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. If you dare wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts.”



Sorry, had to do it. You see, every time I see a pair of cute short shorts, this is all that goes through my head. Do they still make Nair? Did it ever really work? 

But I digress…

Short shorts are aplenty. And, it’s easy to get them waaay too short. This trend is cute, but please make sure your inseam is at least 2″ (and I caution that most will need 3″). Think of the kids…and me. We don’t need to see your bare booty sticking out!

And by bare booty, we mean…this. A bare bum. Yes, that gal has short shorts on. She really does. Photo taken at Universal Studios as an example of what NOT to wear to a theme park for a StyleBlueprint post last year.


But, if you’ve got the sticks, by all means ride this fashion wave. There are so many cute shorts out there at all price points.

(For the shorts featured today, click any image for more information)


J. Crew makes shorts in all lengths, but the shortest is the 3″.  They come in every color in the rainbow.

J. Crew 3″ Chino Shorts.


These by Lilly Pulitzer are 3″ as well. Do you see that by even going to 2″ you are running perilously close to showing some should-never-been-seen-in-public parts? I repeat, do not go shorter than 2″ and please consider that perhaps you need 3″!

Lilly Pulitzer, $58

These are made by Kendall K and are at Dress & Dwell in New Albany. 

Kendall K Zig Zag Shorts available for $79 at Dress & Dwell in New Albany.


These are available at Circe, made by Amanda Uprichard and retail for $120.

Great patterned shorts by Amanda Uprichard. Available at Circe for $120. These have a 2″ inseam.


These basic short shorts, the Elyssa short by Joie, are available at locally Blink Boutique, on sale for $60.  They also carry these shorts in black too.

Joie’s Elyssa shorts, on sale at Blink for $60.


Elyssa short by Joie, available at Blink for $60.


Great prints always from Milly, available at Clodhoppers for $210.

Milly red and white shorts, available at Clodhoppers for $210.


More great floral patterns and a drawstring waist from Haute Hippie.

Haute Hippie Print Drawstring Silk Shorts, on sale $148.


The ultimate in bravery: a horizontal stripe and a less than 3″ inseam. 

Marc Jacobs Secret Stripe Shorts, $148.


Nanette Lepore Gold Rush Striped Pleated Shorts, $228.


These metallic shorts really speak to me; so do her shoes.

Diane von Furstenberg Naples Shorts, $298.


Don’t be afraid of color.  The shorts are the outfit here, paired with a simple white tee and some great shoes.

T. Alexander Wang, $210.

Feeling a little sparkly?  We will end with some sequins. These are the Mermaid Shorts from Topshop, available in white or green.

Mermaid Sequin Shorts by Topshop, $120.

These have a 4″ inseam for longer legs or those wanting a teeny bit more coverage!

From Ann Taylor. On sale for just $39.99


Off to go try Nair again, for the first time since 1990.