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Wine and Yoga Pants

Posted by on Aug 30, 2012

On the eve of my 40th birthday, I received this picture from a friend who always knows the right thing to say. 


Because now, whether we’re 25, or 50 or somewhere in between, doesn’t it ring true? Women love their wine and women love their yoga pants. Let’s sell the two things that they use and need the most.

Why are we wearing yoga pants so much? Or workout gear for that matter? I contend it’s not merely for exercise, rather it’s the lifestyle uniform of our generation.

Are yoga pants to my generation what housecoats were to our mother’s generation?

Harken back to when you were young. Your mother probably wore a robe or a housecoat until she got dressed for the day. The only person I know who does this now (and I believe she does it because she takes too long to commit to a fabulous outfit) is Rachel Zoe.

What to wear? What to wear? What to wear? Image credit:

You would not have caught my mother in workout clothes at age 39, except for the specific time that she exercised. She would put on some awesome leotard with a belt and go to aerobics. Then she would speed home in the leotard and go get dressed. She wouldn’t go to Kroger in that leotard. Or to the bank. Or pick up kids at carpool. Or go on a work appointment. 

Back then, you slipped into your workout clothes right before exercising and then ran to shower afterwards so that you could be dressed for the day.  

My mother was always dressed for the day (and is now). “Fixed” I like to call it. Think about your mothers and their friends. They might be wearing yoga pants now, but not back when they were 39. Today, if and when my mother is wearing her yoga pants, she definitely has on some mascara, lipstick and full jewelry. Me, not so much. My mother still cringes when I walk out the door with no lipstick on and a chip clip in my hair (maybe it was a Texas thing).

Workout clothes for me are a default, or my uniform. I might wear my robe for early morning, but pretty much it’s workout clothes for the day. I wear them in the hopes that I will workout. I will bargain with myself and say “you can’t take a shower until you have worked out.” Jokes on me at 11 p.m. and I’m still in the workout clothes with nary a drop of sweat all day. 

But, mainly I wear them because they are comfortable, flattering and I have nothing else that is clean, ironed or fits right in my closet anyway.

I find it ironic that I cannot bear the thought of wearing tight jeans, pants, shorts or anything that cups my butt, but somehow a skintight pair of yoga pants is acceptable. Not only acceptable, but flattering! Who are the rocket scientists behind the yoga pant fit, and why are they not making jeans that make me look this thin. A little cross-pollination in the fitting world would be nice, folks. (I’m looking at you, Citizens of Humanity.)

Let me introduce you to some of my favorites. I’ve seen these numbers all around town on you ladies, so I know I’m not the only one obeying the “uniform code.”


Click on the pictures for purchase information.

Lululemon Groove Pants  $98

Lululemon groove pants, $98.


Champion Foldover Waist Women’s Pants, $26


Champion Foldover Waist $26.



Saucony Boston Pant, relaxed fit with zippered pockets, $65


Saucony Boston Pant. $65


Hard Tail Sueded Ruched Back Flare-Leg Pants, $78


Hard Tail Sueded Ruched Back Flare Leg Pants, $78.



Athleta Organic Brahma Legging, $79


Athleta Brahma Legging, $79


Splits 59 Raquel Flared Tight, $98

Raquel Tights from Splits 59, $98


Nike Dri-Fit Regular Training Pants, $45


Nike Dri-Fit Regular Fit Women’s Training Pants, $45



Under Armour Women’s Perfect Pant, $59.99


Under Armour Perfect Pant, $59.99



I’m saving the wine post for later. 

Until then….


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