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StyleBlueprint Deal Intro

StyleBlueprint is a content-based media outlet that also provides great incentives to shop, eat and experience the best that Louisville has to offer.

  • The StyleBlueprint Deal is not a daily deal. We will send you exclusive deals 2-3 times a week.
  • You will never have to question the quality of the businesses with whom we partner. There are a lot of good businesses out there; it’s just that we’re only going to partner with the ones we believe in.
  • StyleBlueprint Deals will be great deals — promise.
  • Our goal is to partner with the businesses we know well, and with new businesses we know you want to know about.
  • As an extra incentive, when you let your friends know about a StyleBlueprint Deal and they buy it, you’ll get $10 worth of StyleBlueprint Deal bucks in your account to use toward a future deal purchase.
  • Our deals are up to buy for 48 hours, but many are limited in the number we can sell. So, buy quickly!
  • At StyleBlueprint, we know that if we make you, the reader, happy, and we make the businesses we write about happy, we ultimately will have a sustainable product that will allow us to do what we love best — bring great stylish information to you through the unique eyes of Louisville.

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